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Corporate legal advice

We offer a large variety of services in this department that deals with corporate issues. With Corporate secretarial services, we act as company secretary for our client where filing annual returns, attending and documenting board meetings, and providing legal and business advice comes with the package.

Real Estate

As consulting firm we are involved from the beginning in finding the land you wish to acquire. We are involved In the pre contractual stage, contractual stage, and completion stage of the property transfer. We have a complex and dedicated task force to make sure such a transaction is carried through.

Mining and Energy

Oil and Gas being the new lucrative deal in Tanzania for the past five year we are working with variety of experienced individuals in this department to ensure we can give our clients the service they deserves. Since this area is very new in Tanzania it is only right to say we work in association with individuals experienced enough in this field whilst learning the trade.

Intellectual Property

Mergers and acquisition is a growing area for local companies to capitalize on being intellectually protected which adds on value to a company during an acquisition or a merger. Trademarking of a logo, copyrighting an important company document and patenting an idea that in future could be worth millions or billions.


The firm through its partners has vast experience in court work, negotiation and Arbitration. We have a prime role aimed at adopting the most suitable and effective action to protect our clients’ interest, including taking urgent action to obtain and resist pre-emptive orders. Cases relating to labour, family and commercial issues are key areas to facilitate best performance of our clients’ operations.

Banking law

In competitive banking sector in Tanzania especially in new banks opening, Titans Consult comes with experience in dealing with banking procedure, advising bank and in the acquisition of license and compliance with Bank of Tanzania standards and regulations. We also have experience in dealing with registration of banking documents the likes of mortgages, charges, and debentures on behalf of the bank in order to ensure that their collateral is secure.

Residence and Work Permit

Titans Consult facilitates and process applications for work permits, residence permits and National ID for foreigners in Tanzania. With our vast experience and knowledge of the procedures to be followed in this area, you can rely on our team to help you process your work and residence permits whether you are an investor, employee or a dependent. And on your behalf Titans Consult processes and files returns for your work and residence permits to their respective relevant authorities.

We also provide our clients a reliable and efficient service on applications and processing of VISA depending on the nature of their business needs and circumstances requiring them to enter or stay in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Insolvency Law

Mergers and Acquisition

Maritime Law

Biz Services






IT Business Consultation


Project Write-up


General business consultation and Analysis

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